Bazzini's Pistachios

Bazzini's Pistachios


While, the finest Italian pistachios grown in the area around Bronte in Sicily.  These, however are America’s best—Bazzini’s Colossal Dry-Roasted Pistachios!

Pistachios might not be grown in America if it weren’t for William Whitehouse, who in 1930, smuggled twenty pounds of pistachio seeds from the region outside Kerman, Persia (modern-day Iran). Whitehouse experimented with the seeds for years before producing the first commercial crop in 1976.

American pistachios are now cultivated in California, as well as Arizona and New Mexico. The nut is grown on a sort of Luther Burbank-esque fusion of trees. The tree is made from two cultivars grafted together in the middle. The fruit-producing top half of the tree is the Kernan variety brought back from Persia, and the bottom half of the plant, which produces the roots is a breed that grows well in California soil, but doesn’t produce good nuts. By grafting the two breeds together we get the best traits of each.

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