Olio Verde -- 2018 Olio Nuovo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olio Verde -- 2018 Olio Nuovo Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Harvested-Pressed-Bottled -- October 2018

“Novello” is the first olive oil to flow out of the press in the beginning days of the harvest. Distinguished by its freshness, inimitable bouquet, bright green hue, and near lack of acidity. Olio Verde is indeed a rare product. Gianfranco Beccchina cultivates the prize Nocellara olives on his estate in Castelvetrano, Sicily, to make this incredible oil.

Tasting notes—Spectacularly unctuous oil very typical of Sicily, with aromas of tomato leaf and green walnuts. Mild Fruitiness with gentle bitter notes, culminating in a spicy firecracker finish.

This is a superb finishing oil--drizzle over grilled tuna, stewed white beans, polenta, soup, roasted peppers and garlic or a salad of shaved fennel, fresh orange slices and capers.



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500 ml