Fabulous Italian Pantry Gift Box

Fabulous Italian Pantry Gift Box


Our largest gift box, filled to the brim with Italian specialties needed in any food lover's kitchen.  

We start with the basics: an extra special extra virgin olive oil along with an exquisite bottle of aged balsamic vinegar. We add an artisan pasta, arborio rice for creamy risotto, polenta, lentils, and Broders' pasta sauce.   

For fine antipasti, we start with tasty crackers ready to be topped with savory bruschetta sauce.  For those who prefer sweeter selections, we give you an incredible fruit jam. Antipasti wouldn't be complete without Parmigiano Reggiano, salami and olives. For the seasoning profile, we include Seasonello. A beautiful jar of Amarena cherries complete the pantry.

This is THE gift they will remember--always!

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