Olli Salami -- 4 varieties

Olli Salami -- 4 varieties


Salame (the Italian spelling for ‘salami’) is made based on 160-year old family recipes passed down to our founder, Oliviero ‘Olli’ Colmignoli. 

Norcia is considered to be the pork product capital of Italy. It's fitting that Norcino salami is simply seasoned with just salt and white pepper, allowing the flavor of our premium pork to shine through.

Molisana is a robust salame flavored with whole black peppercorn and garlic. 

Traditional to the smoked salami from Naples, Napoli Salami is smoked over applewood giving it a complex, hearty flavor. Mild.

Calabria is a region in Italy known for its spicy foods. The spicy Calabrese gets its kick from cayenne pepper and paprika, making it zesty but not overpowering.

Olli goes to great lengths to make sure all the pigs are humanely pasture-raised and free of growth agents and antibiotics. All feed is organic. 

Made in USA.

Olli salami:
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